Asante’s Gullah Journey – A Word Seek and a New Release!

Today over at Paws4Puzzles I feature a very special wordseek in honor of the release of S.A. Gibson’s new book, Asante’s Gullah Journey.

Paws 4 Puzzles

Today on Paws 4 Puzzles we have a treat for you – a special interactive word seek to celebrate the release of S.A. Gibson’s awesome fantasy, Asante’s Gullah Journey. Solve the puzzle here and then scroll down to read a snippet of the book and enter a fabulous giveaway. Click the grid to solve.


Asante’s Gullah Journey by S. A. Gibson

Asante Gullah Journey

Beneda’s most important goal is to defend the family farm. Her people held the land through the change that ended the use of technology in the world. Now her mother’s land is threatened. With the help of a Library swordsman and her bow she will do whatever is necessary to save the land.

This middle grade to young adult adventure novel will appeal to lovers of action, futuristic fiction, post-apocalyptic tales, and swords & soul.

African Asante and Gullah Beneda, sword and bow, join forces in this post-apocalyptic setting…

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Author Spotlight: Lili Mahoney

Today on the YAAR blog an interview with YA author Lili Mahoney.

YA Author Rendezvous

lili mahoney - authorInterview by Michelle Lynn.

An interview with Lili Mahoney.

Hey Lili! Thanks for doing this interview. We’re excited to share your wonderful book with our readers. What can you tell them about it?

My debut novel is Barefoot Pastures and is the first of four in the saga.  It’s a young adult novel about a Texas cowgirl who is finishing her senior year in high school and trying to figure out where she wants to go next.

Do you have a favorite character? I know, that’s like asking someone to choose which of their children they love more.

To pick just one is really hard. Does Rusty count? I mean I know he’s a horse, but he’s got such personality! Tory’s gang, as I like to call them, is made up of characters I love for different reasons.  Of course there is Megan, her best friend who counter…

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