50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading — Chasing Nonconformity Nominated!

Go vote for Chasing Nonconformity – and if you haven’t read Michelle Proulx’s awesome space operas you need to get on that!

Michelle Proulx - Author

If you’ve been following my assorted social medias, you might have heard that some wonderful individual nominated my second book, Chasing Nonconformity, for the 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading 2016 list!

Now, I have no idea if getting on this list actually means anything — more readers, more publicity, more sales, etc. But I’m in this race now, and darn it if I don’t want to win! Voting ends on July 1, so it’s time for a flood of last-minute ballots to swing my victory!

Therefore, if you have the chance, please pop over to this link and vote for Chasing Nonconformityhttp://www.readfree.ly/vote-50-self-published-books-worth-reading-2016-science-fiction/

Thank you in advance if you vote! I would offer to share the spoils of my success, but as previously mentioned, I’m not sure there are any spoils to actually be had. Nevertheless, onwards!

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