May – July New Releases

Some summer reading from YAAR.

YA Author Rendezvous

by Patrick Hodges

Several great books to tell you about this month!


4/22 – Reunion of the Blood (A Tale of Vampires Series Book 5) by John Hennessy

reunion of the bloodBound by the vampire’s blood, two men embark on a mission that may result in their deaths.

They plan to do, what no human has yet achieved; and put an end to the line of vampires that has given their lives purpose, but has also blighted their entire existence.

Also bound by her blood, a vengeful vampire is of the same mind. She vows to kill the Dreymuirs for taking her human life when she was just a young woman, fulfilling a promise to her husband, who was savaged to death in front of her.

Left alone in the Castle to fend for herself, a young vampire’s brutal existence may finally be at end.

As she faces her demise in the…

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