Earl Chessher: On telling a story

Some thoughts on writing from Earl …

Ted Atoka, writer

Earl Framed AAHow do I describe this maestro of the written word? He spends a part of every single day writing, contributes material, in dual formats, to professional magazines, heads up a fiction writers group of 10K+ members, squeezes in too many hours each day attending to his videography business, and still manages to enjoy a meal or two every week with people he loves?

A few days ago, I asked Earl if he’d write something for me, and he agreed, so long as he had a day or two to think of an appropriate topic. Here it is. A blog post from my friend and veteran author, Mr. Earl Chessher:

I’m not going to pull a Chuck Wendig on you here … no f-bombs. While that one tends to piss people off, make them smile or overwhelmingly impress or depress them, I’m not sure that what I share here will do…

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