Stardust, Always: Coming June 5th

My cancer story, The Big C will also be featured in this upcoming charity anthology.

This, friends, is the story of how a poem I wrote, my bio, and a tiny picture of my face ended up in a book.


(Cover designed by the talented James Baldwin)

The Backstory

This, like every good story, begins with elephants, otters, and a great deal of hugging. (You think I’m joking, but the #hugsquad is not a laughing matter.) Let me explain. I’m in a writing group on Facebook, and while there are 23,000+ members, we’re remarkably close-knit. We have a lot of shared interests, from the obvious (books and writing) to the adorable (fuzzy animals) to the macabre (this is the only place I can go to ask all of my gross murder mystery questions without being judged). Many of us also share a love for the notable work of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

2016 barged into our lives swinging a death-club. When cancer took…

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