Author Spotlight: Beth Rodgers

Over on the YAAR blog, Michelle Lynn interviews Beth Rodgers. Check it out!

YA Author Rendezvous

Beth Rodgers - AuthorInterview by Michelle Lynn

An Interview with Beth Rodgers

Thanks for talking with us, Beth. We’re glad to have you on the blog. Tell us about your book.

 My debut novel is titled ‘Freshman Fourteen.’  The main character is Margot, a high school freshman girl, and she is trying to win the heart of her first true crush, Peter, while at the same time fending off advances from a dorky boy who likes her and trying to escape the torment of the school bully.

I’ve read Freshman Fourteen and you have a lot of great characters. Who’s your favorite?

I enjoy all of my characters, but my favorite one to write was Walter’s mom, Mrs. Gribble.  She’s just so over-the-top annoying, but she doesn’t realize it, and everything she does makes me laugh even though it would be agonizingly aggravating if I was the recipient of anything she does…

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