Puzzling from A to Z – The Zoo Zone!

In honor of the letter Z – a final contest on my puzzle blog with a chance to win an ebook of P.A.W.S. or a PDF of Paws 4 Logic. Go help Zeberdee get his animals back.

Paws 4 Puzzles


And now we come to the letter Z – phew it’s been a long and puzzling ride. Which was your favorite puzzle? I’d love to hear!

We end the month with a final contest – a scavenger hunt so to speak.

There’s been a break out at Zeberdee’s Zoo – and all the animals are hiding in the A to Z posts in Paws 4 Puzzles. How many can you round up?

Trace your way back through the puzzles and jot down any animals you find – then send me your list via Contact Me. The person who sends me the longest list will win either an ebook of P.A.W.S. or a PDF copy of Paws 4 Logic.

So happy searching – and let’s get Zeberdee his animals back.

Oh and here’s a ZO to get you started.


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