A Musician’s Tale – New Release!

A Musician’s Tale is an anthology that consists of interviews with musicians. Since Rock & Roll Saved My Soul published a book that talks about how music affects those who listen, the founder decided to do one about how it affects the ones who create music. All proceeds from the anthology will be donated to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.




An artist’s life is never easy. From the very beginning, they’re faced with struggles of criticism and self-doubt, making the lifestyle difficult.But from the ashes, they will rise. Despite all the negative they face, they use it to their advantage, using it to fuel their artistic side. We use music to escape. So do those who write or play music, creating the sounds we love the most.

A Musician’s Tale – Telling their stories



Rock & Roll Saved My Soul publishes anthologies in which all proceeds goes to different charities. They are looking for submissions for several different anthologies right now, so feel free to head over to the Facebook page and go to the Submissions Call album if you’re interested in helping them out by writing a story. They’ve published ones about domestic violence, bullying, rescuing animals, helping others out, and music saving lives so far. They’ll also publish books or short stories as long as all proceeds goes to charity.


Rock & Roll Saved My Soul’s anthologies:

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul Volume One

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul Volume Two

Dark Fantasia:

Random Acts of Kindness

Rescue Me: Stories of Hope

Look for a future volume of Rescue Me – Feline Edition that will contain a story from Debbie Manber Kupfer.

Rescue Me is still looking for contributions. Head on over to our FB group for more details.

Authors Against Bullying Volume One

Authors Against Bullying Volume Two:


Find out more about all of the anthology projects of Rock & Roll Saved My Soul:

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul

Authors Against Bullying

Rescue Me

Street Team











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