Stardust Always – Virginia Carraway Stark

I’m privileged to be part of this charity anthology that will be released this June.


Alan Rickman

Coming June 5th from Writers Colony Publishing, Stardust Always! A tribute anthology to Alan Rickman and David Bowie. All proceeds go to benefit studies to fight cancer. My story, ‘An Unpardonable Adventure’ will be in it.

bowie stardust cover

These two men have impacted the world is ways that we can hardly understand. They have become one with our subconscious? Who is the voice of God? We all saw Dogma: Alan Rickman, of course! Whose the professor we love to hate? Snape of course! He had a voice that grabbed you by the spine and made you sit up straight and listen to him. Whatever it was he had to say, that voice… you had to listen.

alan rickman 3

Another great man who influenced the world and how we see not just everything around us but also how we see the universe and the cosmos said something that resonated with David Bowie and his persona…

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