Interview with Author Matt Posner

Over on the Dragon Queen’s blog an interview with urban fantasy author, Matt Posner.

Into the Mind of the Writer

Please join me in welcoming Matt Posner!

1. What genre are your books?SchoolofAges1_600x900

I’m here to talk about the School of the Ages series, which are urban fantasy books with a coming-of-age theme. New York City, where I live, has a magic school, America’s greatest magic school, on an island in New York Harbor that no one can see except magicians. Simon, my central character, enrolls there at thirteen and is haunted by the ghost of a heretic from ancient Alexandria. The magic system is mental and believable — no broomsticks or fireballs, but lots of meditation and visualization. A distinct feature of this school is that all the teachers are good guys. I’m a teacher myself, so I can’t help writing them that way.

Please enter into reading my fiction with the new second edition of The Ghost in the Crystal, available in the U.S. here.


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