American English VS British English

As most of you folks know I grew up in London, but today live in the States. Here’s an article by Lauren Mayhew of YAAR about some of the differences between British and American English. Though I have to say I’ve never heard of faffing or stonking!

YA Author Rendezvous

American English vs British English in writingWritten by Lauren Mayhew

Ok, this may seem obvious to most of you, but here is a quick pointer to differences in English and American English words. I have read many books written by non-British authors that contain English characters and not all of the terminology has been correct. The same can be said for British authors writing American characters too.

To me as a reader, this is only relevant to books written in first person or for dialogue. In descriptive text, feel free to use ‘Organization’ instead of ‘Organisation’. This is only relevant to when a British/ American character is speaking/ thinking.

I know that if I was writing an American, Australian or British character, I’d need to do some research into certain words that may be different. Here’s a little list of words or phrases that are used differently. (I’ve put the American English first.)

Band-Aid  –  Plaster

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YAAR Short Story Contest

A super cool YA author’s group I’m part of YA Author Rendezvous is having a teen writing contest. Check it out – and pass it on to the teens in your life 🙂

Young Adult Author Rendezvous is proud to announce our first ever International Young Adult Short Story Competition! If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, and you believe you have a story to te…

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A Musician’s Tale – New Release!

A Musician’s Tale is an anthology that consists of interviews with musicians. Since Rock & Roll Saved My Soul published a book that talks about how music affects those who listen, the founder decided to do one about how it affects the ones who create music. All proceeds from the anthology will be donated to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.




An artist’s life is never easy. From the very beginning, they’re faced with struggles of criticism and self-doubt, making the lifestyle difficult.But from the ashes, they will rise. Despite all the negative they face, they use it to their advantage, using it to fuel their artistic side. We use music to escape. So do those who write or play music, creating the sounds we love the most.

A Musician’s Tale – Telling their stories



Rock & Roll Saved My Soul publishes anthologies in which all proceeds goes to different charities. They are looking for submissions for several different anthologies right now, so feel free to head over to the Facebook page and go to the Submissions Call album if you’re interested in helping them out by writing a story. They’ve published ones about domestic violence, bullying, rescuing animals, helping others out, and music saving lives so far. They’ll also publish books or short stories as long as all proceeds goes to charity.


Rock & Roll Saved My Soul’s anthologies:

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul Volume One

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul Volume Two

Dark Fantasia:

Random Acts of Kindness

Rescue Me: Stories of Hope

Look for a future volume of Rescue Me – Feline Edition that will contain a story from Debbie Manber Kupfer.

Rescue Me is still looking for contributions. Head on over to our FB group for more details.

Authors Against Bullying Volume One

Authors Against Bullying Volume Two:


Find out more about all of the anthology projects of Rock & Roll Saved My Soul:

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul

Authors Against Bullying

Rescue Me

Street Team










Author Spotlight: Debbie Manber Kupfer

I was interviewed on the YAAR blog – check it out!

YA Author Rendezvous

Debbie Manber Kupfer - AuthorInterview by Michelle Lynn

Todays interview is from a very talented writer – Debbie Manber Kupfer.

So, I’ve read the first two books in your series, P.A.W.S. as well as a few of the short stories. They’re all great. Can you tell us about them?

The first two books of the series, P.A.W.S. and Argentum are out and I’m currently working on books 3 and 4. (I’m not sure how many books there will be in the end). It’s a YA fantasy that focuses on an international organization of shapeshifters, The Partnership of Animagi, Werewolves and Shapeshifters (otherwise known as P.A.W.S.) I’m also releasing a series of short stories that tie in with the series, Tales from P.A.W.S. both as individual ebooks and as a combined paperback.

When I’m not writing fiction I write puzzles for magazines and my website Paws 4 Puzzles and in early 2015 I published…

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Stardust Always – Virginia Carraway Stark

I’m privileged to be part of this charity anthology that will be released this June.


Alan Rickman

Coming June 5th from Writers Colony Publishing, Stardust Always! A tribute anthology to Alan Rickman and David Bowie. All proceeds go to benefit studies to fight cancer. My story, ‘An Unpardonable Adventure’ will be in it.

bowie stardust cover

These two men have impacted the world is ways that we can hardly understand. They have become one with our subconscious? Who is the voice of God? We all saw Dogma: Alan Rickman, of course! Whose the professor we love to hate? Snape of course! He had a voice that grabbed you by the spine and made you sit up straight and listen to him. Whatever it was he had to say, that voice… you had to listen.

alan rickman 3

Another great man who influenced the world and how we see not just everything around us but also how we see the universe and the cosmos said something that resonated with David Bowie and his persona…

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The Love of Writing

Today I guest blog on the YAAR website.

YA Author Rendezvous


ladybugWritten by Debbie Manber Kupfer


At eight years old I turned into a ladybird. The story prompt in the Puffin Post said to choose a creature and write a story from its point of view. I spent days wandering around my house and garden in Barking, a working-class borough of London, peering into my dad’s magnifying shaving mirror and imagining my life as a tiny red, spotted crawling thing. Then I wrote that story and sent it off to the magazine and I waited.

Two months later I tore open the envelope that held my Puffin Post and scanned through the pages and there was my name in print – Deborah Manber. I’d got a mention for my ladybird story. And so it began: my love of words, of dreams, of stories (and as that first story involved me turning into an insect, I guess my love of…

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A Fine Little Puzzle!

Hey, Waldorf Sniffins here, the leader of the legendary leprechaun band, The Green Meanies. Here’s a fine little puzzle for you for St. Pats – and look for me and the crew in Argentum!

Paws 4 Puzzles

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all.

First a little cryptic clue of the day:

Fake diamonds? You’ll see a bunch today! (9)

Next a fine little puzzle:

There are 8 shades of green hiding in this grid. How many can you find?


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