The Write Stuff: Rebecca Jaycox

Fellow Rocking Horse author Rebecca Jaycox talks about the inspiration behind her writing .

The Girl with Book Lungs

I don’t have a sacred space to write in, and I didn’t become a writer because of a book—not to say I don’t love to read, because I do—but rather a movie. Discovering Star Wars as a tween made me want to become a writer, and these days I end up doing most of my writing in a notepad on the love seat in front of my TV. After writing my first book, “The Other TheOtherInheritance-FrontCoverInheritance,” on my computer, I’ve developed an allergy to writing the sequel on anything electronic. I just can’t do it. Unfortunately for me, I’m most comfortable putting pen to paper, which means I have to type all those messy, handwritten notes later. I’ve essentially doubled my workload, but who ever said writers were efficient? I simply claim this oddity as the privilege of being an artist. That seems to explain most weird habits away.


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