Fall of the Dreamer – L.J. Higgins

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Fall of the Dreamer
(Dreamer Trilogy, Book Two)
Enjoying her new life in Sandhaven after the events of the
year before, Amelia feels like she has it all great friends, a home by the
beach, a job that she loves, and a handsome boyfriend. But a new threat is
brewing in the city; the Cambiar Virus is spreading fast and people are dying.
Amelia does not want to give up her peaceful life, but someone must fight for
those who are unaware of the danger they’re in. With Cameron acting strange,
her friendship with Sarah strained, and her relationship with Jonah growing
more complicated, the last thing Amelia wants is to put her personal life aside
and get involved in another life threatening situation. But she doesn’t have a



Every time I awoke, I remembered nothing. No dream, just darkness. A new fear came over me. Had they worked out how to erase my Dreamer abilities? Had they destroyed my dreams?



Fall of the Dreamer (Dreamer Trilogy
Book 2)

BOOK ONE: Dawn of the Dreamer (Dreamer Trilogy Book 1)  
L J Higgins hails from Queensland, Australia, and her love
of books motivated her to return to her dream of writing a novel. The result is
inspiring, showing dreams can be achieved if you have self-belief. She hopes
to instill in her children the world of imagination and chasing your

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