Meet J.E. Feldman



  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve been writing since the age of three and while most little girls wanted to be princesses, I wanted to be an author even then. I grew up in a little town called Walhalla in South Carolina, and it was my whole world until I was moved to Florida at the tender age of eight. That’s around the time when I really started focusing on writing to channel my emotions. I was writing novels left and right during the summers at my grandma’s house, when I wasn’t out in the woods building forts with the neighborhood boys. The first novel I published (The Dragonscale) was written when I was fifteen but I waited until I had all my publishing ducks in a row before sharing it with the world in 2014. I have hundreds of stories that are already written that I plan to publish along with the new ones I keep accumulating along the way.

  1. When did you start writing?

Sometime in the year 1997. My first story was about my grandma’s three poodles befriending a blue whale and going on adventures together.

  1. What attracts you to fantasy?

The Medieval world is what originally attracted me to the Fantasy genre. I obsess over dragons, elves, dwarves, drow, kingdoms in turmoil, spell casters, and so much more. I dabble plenty in other genres but always come back to Fantasy.

  1. Who are your favorite authors?

This is always a hard question since there are so many. RA Salvatore, Margaret Weiss, Tracy Hickman, Mercedes Lackey, James Mallory, JRR Tolkien, Cornelia Funke, Eoin Colfer, Brian Jacques, Ed Greenwood, James Patterson, Stephen King, Philippa Gregory, Chris D’Lacey, Rick Riordan, PB Kerr, Richard A Knaak, George RR Martin, Dan Brown, Madeleine L’Engle, Anna Kashina, Christopher Paolini, Kristin Cashore, Elizabeth Haydon, Jonathan Stroud, JK Rowling, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Carolyn Keene, Nora Roberts, CS Lewis, Julie E Czerneda, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, Andre Norton, Kathleen Duey, Derek Benz, JS Lewis, Kate Brian…This list goes on for forever but that gives you a very good general idea.

  1. Tell us about your latest release?

My latest release is “Lothelannor: A Cassandra Avocet Story.” It’s the prequel to “Virthrandel,” which was published in 2014. I created the vampire Cassandra Avocet story for a writing workshop group I was part of because it was my first time meeting with them and I wanted to present something fresh. Thus, the legend was born. The series is a mixture of fantasy, science fiction, and romance. It’s a quick read but once all five stories are completed, they will be compiled into a single novel-sized collection.

  1. If you could hang out with a fictional character, who would you choose?

Out of all the characters in the world, I would have to choose my own character, Vampire Queen Valacotayda from the Arbedenion Trilogy. She is one of the most fleshed-out characters I have ever created and ultimately, she represents the dark side of me.

  1. Ninjas or pirates?

Definitely pirates. I have always had a childish fantasy to simply jump on an old sailing ship and sail away over the horizon. Picking up bounty along the way would definitely be a plus.

  1. What do you like to do to relax?

My normal things to do is to either listen to music and write or spend some time at the local park to decompress in nature. Both are extremely inspirational for the writing process.

J.E. also likes to hang out with her kitty family!

J.E. Feldman's Cats

  1. So what’s next? What are you currently working on?

I have several projects that I’m currently working on and plan to publish this year:

Aris copy - Copy

Strangers From Enamyre: Book Three of the Arbedenion Trilogy

Ella: The Godmother Diaries #1

(So far unnamed) 2016 Fantasy Writers Anthology

Florenze: A Cassandra Avocet Story #3

Halillan: A Cassandra Avocet Story #4

Hazardous 2


  1. How can readers connect with you?

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