To Review or Not to Review: That is the Question

Interesting take on reviews – what do you think?

YA Author Rendezvous

To Review or Not to ReviewWritten by Jeffrey Collyer

As a writer, I think about book reviews far more frequently than is healthy. A 5-star review can put me in a great mood, ready to conquer the world. A 2 or 3-star review can make me feel every moment of my writing life is a waste of energy – that this one thing that gives me such great joy is ultimately worthless. It’s all completely out of proportion of course, but such are the sensitivities of many writers.

But recently, I’ve been thinking about the whole review ‘thing’ a little differently. And wondering just what purpose they serve.

You see, not all reviews are equal. Not all reviewers take the same approach to rating the book. Reviewers and readers are often looking for different things in the review. And writers look for yet other things.

Is it possible to offer a review that meets all…

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