Meow V. Woof: The Battle of the Book

Hmm – we at P.A.W.S. are redressing the balance. Cats for the win!

YA Author Rendezvous

Woof vs Meow

Written by
Cynthia Port

In the world of real things cats win—at least by the numbers.  According to the Humane Society, the US has 86 million purrfect domestic kitties but only 78 million tail waggin‘ doggies.  But in the world of fictional characters (books, cartoons, movies, etc.) the situation isn’t just reversed, it’s tipped over onto its adorable, swivel-eared head.  Sure, you can find examples of beloved dog and cat characters aplenty, but keep trying to name them, and you’ll run out of cat characters long before you run out of the Fido’s of fictiondom, the Cujo’s of crime, or the Lassie’s of late night.

On Wikipedia’s pages about fictional animal characters, the cat and dog lists are broken down into literature, comics, film, and television.  The cat list offers 26, including Garfield, the Cheshire Cat, the Cat in the Hat, Puss in Boots, Sylvester the Cat, Tom &…

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4 thoughts on “Meow V. Woof: The Battle of the Book

  1. Hi, Debbie.
    Great blog. It’s something I’ve never thought about before. Here in the UK, I think there are more cats than dogs, but I’ve not looked up the stats to be sure.
    I did something to try to redress the balance a few weeks ago. I posted a short story called ‘The Last Hunt’ from the point of view of the cat. Take a look if you are interested. http://aspholessaria.wordpress,com/

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