Puzzler’s Wednesday – Nathan Curtis

Over on my puzzle blog it’s Puzzler’s Wednesday!

Paws 4 Puzzles


  1. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I’m a recovering mathematician and composer with a nasty habit of solving and writing hard puzzles.

  1. When did you start solving and making puzzles?

I started solving casually by helping my parents finish the Sunday crossword in the Washington Post. Then when I was in college, I saw a link to the MIT Mystery Hunt from a friend’s web page. I had no idea how to solve any of the puzzles, but it looked like the best thing ever. I made it to my first Mystery Hunt in 2003 and got hooked.

As a constructor, I started out writing warm-up puzzles for my Mystery Hunt team in 2006 or so. Again, it was a casual thing for a while, until 2011, when I decided to try to write a puzzle a day for the month of June. After that, I started posting…

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