Have a Book that Doesn’t Fit in? -or- Want to Read Something Different?

Do you have a book that doesn’t fit into any of the Amazon categories – try this!


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There are two related problems from two different perspectives:

  1. Many readers may enjoy reading a totally brand new kind of book. But how do you find such a book when everything is listed in standard preexisting categories?
  2. Many writers are naturally creative, and wish to extend that creativity toward writing a totally different kind of book. But when you proceed to publish your book, how will readers discover it? When you need to select categories, e.g. at Amazon, the option just isn’t there.

Amazon really missed out on a golden opportunity here. Why didn’t they think of creating a Cool & New category, and making such a category visible? It would have been great for both readers and authors. (It’s not too late. Feel free to send in a suggestion. Seriously, the more similar suggestions a business receives, the more apt they are to…

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