Imagine learning about books without first seeing them… Intrigued?

Interesting idea from the creator of Read Tuesday.


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It’s nearly impossible to discover a new book and learn about it without first seeing the cover.

  • In the bookstore, this was a necessity. (Unless you put on a blindfold, opened the book, and then removed the blindfold.)
  • In principle, online bookstores don’t need to show you the cover first. But they do anyway. It’s a marketing strategy. That visual appeal generates interest, helps generate spontaneous purchases, and cover design tricks can even send subconscious messages.

And thus, we see books and judge them before we know anything else about them.

But they do serve a valuable purpose.

  • A good cover is the author’s way of showing, at a glance, that the author cares enough about the book to invest in it, and that the author has put forth some effort at least in the cover design.
  • If the cover reflects a lack of…

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