A Terribly Awful Story


Over at the Dragon’s Rocketship, Rick Rossing challenged us to write a truly awful story.

Here’s mine – you have been warned.

It was a dark and stormy night – I mean seriously it was, it was raining cats and dogs or maybe cats and frogs, I don’t really remember, and then the aliens came. They were green and angry and landed the shimmery grey spaceship on my vivid purple petunias.

The first green alien was called Zyyzzyxxxx.

It waved its florescent green antenna at me and announced forcefully,

“Take me to your leader” so I took them to see Bob who lives down the street.

“Hello!!!!” ejaculated Bob, curiously. He was wearing his very very very very ugly puce pajamas.

The aliens took one look at Bob and announced in loud whiny voices, “well if this your leader I’m a monkey’s uncle” and then promptly turned into monkeys, then beamed up into their golden shiny spaceship and ran off into space.

And we all lived happily ever after … until tomorrow when the world exploded with a big humungous loud boom for no particular reason.


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