Sins of the Past – Good Puritan: A Guest Interview with Visionary Fantasy Author Laura K. Cowan


Today on Paws4Thought I’m pleased to welcome back visionary fantasy author Laura K. Cowan. Laura stopped by to talk about her story in the Sins of the Past anthology, and some other reality-bending stuff she’s working on. Hi, Laura!

Hi! Thanks for having me back!

So tell us. What attracts you to fantasy?

Fantasy has its conventions, but it’s the only genre where almost anything is possible. Fantasy is great because you can’t write a story where something amazing doesn’t happen. I love working with no fences.

 Tell us about your story in Sins of the Past.

All the stories in this anthology are some kind of historical horror, all set in a different time period, so we’ve got a great spread across cultures and periods. My story is psychological horror, set in Puritan New England, about a preacher laid out immobile on the meetinghouse floor by visions of the devil, trying to understand how Satan has infiltrated his community. His parishioners begin to wonder if he might be the one possessed. It’s a romp through shifting landscapes and a realization that the scariest part of meeting the devil is seeing him in the nature of humankind. And it taps into that horror the Puritans had in seeing the devil potentially working through their friends and family. The paranoia, yikes!

 What else are you currently working on?

I just published my first magical realism psychological murder mystery, Sonata & Fugue, about a famous missing pianist and her family, who begin to kill each other off over her inheritance and to protect their secrets. But then the rose garden starts spitting up children’s bones and the story takes a bit of a turn. Also, I’m preparing two more books for publishing, Suffering & Rest and Face The Falling. Suffering & Rest contains two different stories about people seeking answers for difficult lives, and also includes some fantastic elements, like ghosts who like to play drinking games, the suffering of grass, and a woman who wakes up in a room in heaven drowning in the garden fountain. Face The Falling is closer to young adult fantasy, about two kids whose dreams begin leaking out into waking reality and taking over their town. Soon the entire town is peeling up like a page from a book and the townspeople’s nightmares are dragging them into a dream world created out of their worst fears.


Thanks for stopping by today! You’ve got a lot going on. How can readers keep up with what you’re publishing?

I’m on Facebook and I blog at I always blog about new releases and giveaways. Thanks for having me today!

Read an excerpt of Laura’s story, Good Puritan:

It was December the twenty-second when my people finally tried to scrape me up off the floor of the meeting house. Snow was falling heavily outside, but they did not realize I could hear it brushing up against the window panes.

“Who will perform an exorcism when the preacher is the one possessed?” I heard Brother Whitman say. “It is almost Christmas.”

“We cannot know that he is in league with the devil. What if God himself be speaking to him?” said Goody Carlson.

Shoes shifted on the floorboards around my head. They were murmuring. I tried to open my eyes, to scream, to even whisper.


To read more pick up your copy of Sins of the Past today.


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