Valentines Sale – 99 cents!


My publisher, Rocking Horse Publishing, is having a sale this weekend. Here’s your chance to pick up a whole bunch of Rocking Horse titles for just 99 cents a piece. There truly is something for everyone here!

Dacia Wilkinson has three tiles on sale this weekend. A Kiss in the Rain is a sweet book with interesting well-drawn characters. I particular loved the elderly Adeline who reminded me a lot of my kibbutz grandmother, Miriam, who is the namesake for my character Miri, in P.A.W.S.

For Love of Words is sitting on my Kindle and deals with a subject close to my heart, the importance of storytelling and reading aloud.

KissRain  LoveofWords

How about something for the kids? I own a paperback of Not Real and Never Will Be. Dacia created this adorable picture book for her own kids when they were little and now you can share it with yours. The perfect bedtime story for little ones. Or if you have older kids how about a copy of Karen Miller’s Bogeyman 101, because only if you know about the monsters can you be prepared!

NotReal  Bogeyman

Now we come to teens and young adults (though these titles all have a ton of crossover appeal). I read George Sirois’ Excelsior with my son Joey. We loved it, particularly one of the bad guys, Danak, and really look forward to reading the sequel that George is writing right now!

Then there’s The Other Inheritance by Rebecca Jaycox – one of the eight best books I read last year and a fantastic debut by a new author. Book 2 please. And finally in this category is my book, Argentum, in which I continue the P.A.W.S. saga  and travel all over the world including Vienna, Wales, Ireland, and New York.

excelsior-george-sirois  other inheritance  ARGENTUM-CONCEPT2-Front

And now for the adults. Danny’s Grace by Dawn Hawkins also features on my eight best books list. It is a powerful story of a washed up rock star battling the demons of his past. A book that needs to be read and shared. Water Under the Bridge  is the debut novel by ninety-year-old, Verna Simms, who proves you are never too old to follow your dreams.

Or how about a little romance this Valentines Day? Four Letter Words is the follow up novel of Seven Dirty Words by British romance author, Charlotte Howard. And last but not least we have The Fires of Waterland, a harrowing tale of abuse, by Canadian author, Raymond Kukkee.

DannyGrace WaterBridge  4LetterWords FireWaterland

So there you have it! A weekend of reading from Rocking Horse Publishing, all for 99 cents!


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