Argentum – 99 cents sale!

Argentum is the thread that binds all magic . . .

Out of the darkness came a face more terrible than any Miri had ever seen before: huge fangs dripping with blood, eyes once blue, now glowing yellow and red, reflecting the blood that flowed all around them. Miri tried to scream, but nothing came from her lips. Echoing through her head was terrible laughter.

“You thought you were done with me, Miri, but I am immortal. I can never die. And now I am inside you! Thank you, Miri. Once, long ago, I gave you life and now you are returning the favor. How thoughtful of you! Oh, what fun we are going to have together. You have brought me into P.A.W.S.—exactly where I want to be.”

Miri screamed. She desperately tried to shut off her mind, shut off the power that was feeding Alistair, but she knew she couldn’t; the power was deep inside her now, and it was growing. And as if to illustrate this, the figure in front of her expanded upwards, towering higher and higher, ten feet, now twenty feet, and still growing, so high that it seemed like it was merging with the stars—a mass of muscle and golden brown striped fur, both tiger and wolf, that oozed power, more power than Miri could ever have imagined possible. From those lofty heights, Alistair gazed down at Miri. He flexed his gigantic claws and reached towards her, his terrible roar penetrating every cell in her body . . .

Only 99 cents this weekend on Amazon – pick up your copy today!

Copyright © Debbie Manber Kupfer


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