A Face For Radio

Misha will be on Outskirts Science Fiction Theatre tomorrow night reading “We Pass From You” from Sins of the Past. Be sure to listen in.


Saturday, the 7th of February at 8PM CST (02:00 8Feb15, GMT), I will be featured on Deidra Hughey’s Outskirts Science Fiction Theater.

I will be reading “We Pass From View”, my short story for the collection Sins Of The Past.

It is pre-recorded, which is a good thing because it took me a lot of tries to get through it without any major fumbles.  I think that it translates into audio fairly well, since most of the story is in the form of an interview.  Once Deidra has broadcast it I’ll be able to provide a link to the show in her archives.

I like this story a lot, and this is going to be the second time I’ve read it for an audience (since I did a live reading at The Book House’sSins Of The Past launch party.)  It combines two of my passions, Lovecraftian horror and the…

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