Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog Tour – Day 15 – Elizabeth Loraine



Today we welcome Elizabeth Loraine, author of the Royal Blood Chronicles.

Royal Blood Chronicles is about Five young Royal Blooded Vampires who have been chosen to be the protectors of all the hidden, peaceful races of the world including humans. Book one starts the journey as Katrina recalls how it all began. It full of action, love, friendship and betrayal and features strong female characters and the rich, secret lives and sanctuaries that royalty provides. It’s been called ‘Twilight meets Lord of the Rings’. Start the adventure with Katrina, The Beginning.


The first book in the series, Katrina, is available free:


Amazon: amzn.to/1xNEWwC
Smashwords: bit.ly/1mFLyL8
ibooks: bit.ly/1jc3oo0




Follow Elizabeth Loraine on Facebook.

Or her website – www.royalbloodchronicles.com

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And visit Viv Sang‘s blog today to read extracts from P.A.W.S. and Argentum.

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