Solstice – Snow in Jerusalem



This is Cecilia, Cici for short. She found me originally in Jerusalem and became my friend for the next 16 years, moving with me to Raleigh, NC, Croton-on-Hudson, NY and eventually to St. Louis.

In Jerusalem she was still an indoor/outdoor cat . . . well most of the time. There was one morning . . .


What had happened? Where had the world gone? The whole of the outside had transformed into whiteness. The courtyard, the steps, the way to the street – all had seemingly disappeared!

Cecilia put out a paw and gingerly touched the white stuff. It felt wet and cold – Cecilia didn’t like wet and cold, but maybe she thought it was only the courtyard that had disappeared, maybe if she got to the street . . .

“It’s snow, Cici,” said Susie. “It came from the sky, look.”

Cecilia looked up, her whiskers twitching. Giant flakes were falling. She opened her mouth and caught one on her tongue. It melted into water. She understood water coming from the sky. That, the humans called rain – horrible stuff, made her fur wet. This snow didn’t seem much better, yet her human was smiling. It made no sense.


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