Kangaroo, Chimp, and Toad, Oh My!

One of the wonderful things about writing a story about a worldwide organization of shapeshifters is all the weird and wonderful characters that emerge. While Miri and her friends may be central to the story, my favorite characters by far are the odd side characters that populate the P.A.W.S. Institute.

Take, for example, Joey Marks, the animagus kangaroo and exchange student from the Australian P.A.W.S. Institute. His character is particularly dear to me as he is based off of my son, Joey and shares a lot of his traits. Always bouncing from one thing to the next, filled with wonder about everything around him, and he also plays a mean game of Monopoly.

Then there’s Ian the animagus chimp, who while working for P.A.W.S. still prefers to hang out at St. Louis zoo in the monkey house and is even said to be dating a rather fetching orangutan. (And rumor has it that Ian might be a new father!)

Back at P.A.W.S. there’s the caring Mrs. Bumsqueak, an animagus toad who is the Healer at the Institute, Professor Ainsworth, the animagus owl, who likes to perch on top of the ceiling fan in his classroom and watch his students work, and the rotund cook, Hugo Hogsworth, a shapeshifter pig was a fondness for Gilbert and Sullivan.
Join Miri and her friends as they journey through the world of P.A.W.S. and continue that journey in book 2, Argentum.

DebbieManberKupfer Cover   ARGENTUM-CONCEPT2-Front


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