Fellowship of Fantasy Writers – Day 12 – JoElle Martin



Today on Paws4Thought we welcome fantasy writer JoElle Martin


Q – Tell me a little about your books JoeElle.

A – My young adult series, Dreamer’s Forest, is a story about a young girl who, on her eighteenth birthday, finds a gateway to the fairy world and learns that she is part fairy. My romance novel, Julianne’s Wish, is about a woman, Julianne, and an elf, Forest, who discover they are soul mates. They share the same soul. However, Julianne, despite her attraction to him, is unable to fall in love with Forest because of a wish she made as a young girl.


Q – What attracts you to fantasy?

A – I am a romantic who still believes in fairies and happily ever after.


Q – If you had a superpower what would it be?

A – With power comes responsibility. I don’t know that I want that kind of burden.


Q – Like me you right some YA, how have you attracted teens to read your books?

A – I tested them out on my nieces. Six of my nieces were in their teens when I was writing the Dreamer’s Forest series. I’d send them excerpts and they’d beg for more. They’ve grown up with my books.  Now they are old enough to read my adult romance novels.


Q – Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions this year?

A – No. I don’t keep them. But I do have goals for myself for this year, but I set those back in October for after the Fellowship Blog Tour.


Q – If you could travel to any place, real or imaginary where would you go?

A – Eight years ago, my husband and I visited Ireland for 10 days. It was amazing. We plan to go back, but for at least two weeks next time.

(I’ve never been to Ireland and would really like to visit. One of my characters, Jessamyn, grew up there and the location is featured in Argentum. I took a virtual tour via the Internet when I was writing that part. DMK)


Q – Tell me one odd thing about you.

A- My friends and family tell me I see the world in a strange way.  I see histories, stories, and details in people that no one else sees.


book bridge (2)  book secret  my books moonlight



Fun Facts about the Dreamer’s Forest Series:

The Kingman Family – they are named after the town of Kingman AZ.

Dexy – is named after the band Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Alyssa and Amanda – are named after my nieces. One of them, in the story, studies nursing. One of my nieces actually just finished nursing school.

Rachel Kingman – was named in honor of my son’s German Shepherd Dog, Rachel, who was a guide dog puppy.

Dreamer – was the most difficult character to name. He rejected about five names before he accepted Dreamer. I didn’t find out why until later. His name came to me while listening to the Dream Academy’s song “Life in a Northern Town”.

A Bridge in the Forest – I sent my sister and nieces a list of 12 names for the title of the first novel. They didn’t like any of them. The title didn’t come to me until the manuscript was nearly finished. It made the titles of the next books, A Secret in the Forest and Moonlight in the Forest, very easy.

The inspiration for the story came to me while I was driving through the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests in Oregon during a full moon.

(I also flounder sometimes with titles – I was halfway through the book before I came up with the title, Argentum and I still (two thirds of the way through) don’t have a firm title for book 3. DMK)




me me me


JoElle was born in the Pacific Northwest. When she was a young girl, she moved with her family to Guadalajara, Mexico. She has since lived in South Texas, Central Texas, the Bay Area of California, and now her home is in Northern Nevada.

Today she spends most of her time wandering the scenic highways of America with her husband and creating new worlds and characters for her novels.

JoElle comes from a large family. With two older brothers and three younger sisters, she enjoyed the middle spot while growing up. (She was the official tattletale – a title none of her siblings ever let her forget). Though she loved playing outside as a child, she was also a bookworm.

Married shortly after graduating high school, she and her husband have been happily married over 30 years. (Which is a big reason JoElle firmly believes in happily ever afters!)

When they are home, JoElle and her husband enjoy visiting their son, daughter in law, and four grandchildren.

Ever since she was a little girl, and wrote her first multi-page story in fourth grade, JoElle knew she wanted to be a writer.  She competed in Journalism in high school, winning several awards in feature writing. JoElle writes both fiction and non-fiction. In addition to her novels, she has written a number of feature stories of community interest for local newspapers on subjects such as volunteering, guide dogs, homeschooling, and the Explorer program. She served as a regional editor for a homeschooling newsletter and has had a number of short stories and articles published in print magazines and e-zines.

Connect with Joelle on her website, Goodreads, or Facebook.

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