Fellowship of Fantasy Writers – Day 2 – Charlotte Babb



Spider’s Thread

By Charlotte Babb

She hangs, head down, trusting her spinnerets to make her thread and support her to the ledge of the window for her web.

She trusts head to go where butt takes her. Following gravity, then defying it; that’s Ariadne’s magic. She knows when to make it sticky and where it is safe to stand.

I seek the moonlight path on water between canine indulgence and crabby obedience. How shall I build my web to catch what feeds me? How shall I know where to make it sticky and when to stand in the center and wait?

By trusting my butt, by following gravity, by following the middle path for my own sake because I have built it.

Welcome to my parlor, Reader.

A Smidgen of Magic was compiled from short stories I have written in classes and for other projects, but never published or even shopped around. I enjoyed reading them after not seeing them for a few years, and decided to share some magic that happens in a recognizably real world.

The stories in A Smidgen of Magic are listed below

  • Artifacts
    Pay attention to the Mothers when they give you a warning.


  • The Croning
    In every woman’s life, her time will come.


  • Not Even One Wish
    No only should you be careful what you wish for, but who you wish to.


  • Taffy’s Tale
    It’s a high price to pay to be fed by the Fae.


  • Zen of Cool
    A festival, a full moon, a fool, a fiddler


If you are feeling a bit mundane, add a smidgen of magic to your day.



Charlotte Henley Babb



Web designer, social networks manager, blogger, novelist, and online writing instructor, Charlotte Henley Babb has been writing since she was four, and now makes up fractured fairy tales for people who have survived beyond the last love’s kiss. She has taught English in high school and junior college, written procedure manuals, and edited association newsletters. She brings to any project a number of experiences, including work as wait staff, gasket inspector, cloth store associate, girl Friday, secret weapon, and telephone psychic.

She has presented at education and writing conferences on using the Internet, blogging, and writing science fiction. Her first novel, Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil was published in 2012 and received an honorable mention in the 2014 National Federation of Press Women communications contest. She has self-published short stories in ebook and print format, doing the technical work, cover design, and layout herself. Currently she manages the website, social media presence, and monthly alumni newsletter for a professional graduate school.


Charlotte also did much of the legwork for putting this blog tour together for which we are truly grateful!

Here is a beautiful picture of Charlotte’s kitty friend, Nixie. Sadly Nixie crossed the Rainbow Bridge several years ago and is deeply missed.


Visit Charlotte on her blog or Facebook.



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