Muse Monday: How to Help an Author

All excellent points here!

Katie Lea Yates

How do you support an author? Many ways, but they boil down to three overall categories: Buy, Tell, Forgive.

One – Buy.

Buy their books! It’s the simplest category. I’m not saying that you have to spend fifty dollars on the hard-back/super-high-def/whatever edition. Grab the e-copy for a few bucks. Occasionally, authors and publishers will offer certain books at a discount. Did I mention that my first novel is a free download right now? 😉

Two – Tell.

A) Tell other people. Did you like the book? Did it make you think? Did it make you laugh, cry, jump at the sound of the wind brushing a tree branch against your window? Tell someone. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, word-of-mouth is the highest form of advertising. If you liked it enough to remember to bring it up in conversation, that’s huge.

B) Tell the author. If an author…

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