Official Cover Reveal

Coming Soon – The Prior from Katie Lea Yates.

AND you can currently pick up Katie’s first book, The Provider, for FREE on Kindle.

Katie Lea Yates

Introducing “The Prior”!

Prior front cover

I’ve learned how to jump into pictures and become other people in some alternate reality. I’ve learned how to be a wife, a ruler, a Provider. Now, I’m back in the real world.

Remember when I said somebody might want us all dead? Yeah, so that happened. I mean, it almost happened–that whole jumping-into-pictures thing saved me. For now. But Sarah…she’s still out there, somewhere.

Even though I kind of skipped a few years, I’m legally an adult now, and I’m officially on the run. Now, I have to learn a whole new set of tricks.

Except, well, it turns out I’m having to figure out a lot more stuff than I bargained for. I have to learn how to make it on my own, and I’m trying to find Sarah, and I still have to make sure nobody’s killing off the people who share my talent, so…

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