Teenage Fiction

I love all things YA (of course as I write it too)


I am a huge fan of teenage fiction. My keenness for this genre started way before my teenage years when I grew out of picture books and wanted something more meaty, with real-life issues that I might deal with myself one day. In the library I discovered the Sweet Valley High twins. When I thought about secondary school, these were the characters and situations I imagined. I fancied myself as an Elizabeth type: studious, a bit of a do-gooder but popular at the same time, with a gorgeous sporty boy on my arm! Unfortunately, I had much more in common with Judy Blume’s Margaret from Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret! I was full of self-doubt, constantly wondering how I appeared to others and there was certainly no boys lingering near me! Although my high school years weren’t all that exciting, it was great to read about characters…

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