Friday Fiction – The Cake

Here’s another piece of Friday silliness – enjoy and have a happy weekend!

Cakes 19

Mum told me it was for Auntie Ethel’s birthday, but it looked so good, so I just took a little slice, and then well that slice seemed lonely in my tummy, so I got a glass of milk and took another and then I tried to fit it all back together so the slices I took wouldn’t show, but it was no use and now I was covered in chocolate – and I was hungry again and it was so good so I just took another little piece and tried to watch the telly for a bit, but I kept going back, for a little more, and then a little bit more . . . and where did it go? Mum’s going to be so mad. Maybe I can pretend the dog ate it . . . accept we don’t have a dog. Well, maybe the neighbor’s dog? I know, a huge roc (you know one of those big magical birds), it flew in through the window and took the cake. Yes, that’s what happened. Mum will believe that – won’t she?

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