Friday Fiction – The Menacing Storm


Week 2 of the Friday fiction a little poem I wrote earlier this week.

The Menacing Storm

The Menacing Storm came rolling in.

“Ha, Ha!” he screamed, “I’ll get you all now.

Wet, you will be. Soaked to the skin.

And all because you did not beware,

and pay me some homage and offer a prayer.

Let your umbrellas break,

Let your road be a lake

Let my thunder and lightning keep you awake.”

“Why are you so mean?” asked a brave little cloud

“I’m not mean,” laughed the storm

And he roared to the crowd.

And the rain pelted down all over the town

Until the Menacing Storm at last he said,

“I’ve had enough now, I’m going to bed!”

Happy Weekend folks and let’s hope you don’t run into any menacing storms!


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