Fauxpocalypse – A Sale!

This weekend only Fauxpocalypse will be is on sale for just 99 cents on Amazon US and 99p on Amazon UK.

My story in Fauxpocalypse, Vodka and Watermelons, was inspired by my time in Israel during the first Gulf War. At the time the Israeli government was issuing gas masks to all its citizens and instructing them to seal safety rooms in case of chemical attack. I picked up my gas mask and tried as best as I could to seal the gaps around the windows and doors of my one-room apartment in Jerusalem. I took the threat of Saddam Hussein’s scud missiles very seriously.

I was soon to discover that a lot of Jerusalem residents didn’t feel the same way. The Lubbavitcher Rebbe in New York had said that God would protect the Jews of Jerusalem so there’s was no need for them to protect themselves. This infuriated me at the time, but it got me thinking. What if the world was going to end, but the people of Jerusalem believed they were safe? With this in mind I wrote Vodka and Watermelons.

If you haven’t already, please pick up a copy of Fauxpocalypse and please read my story. I would love to hear what you think. I also have a question for all of you. If you really thought the world was going to end, what would you do?



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