One of the Facebook writing groups of which I’m an member is starting a Friday fiction challenge. Here’s my contribution for this week. I hope my little tale helps to make your weekend a little happier.


“It’s not fair!” shouted Brian, “all other ogres get to eat whoever they like, how come I have to go on a diet?”

“I told you Mr. Zogg, your cholesterol is through the roof. Now if you were to exercise more . . .”

“I get plenty of exercise – that bloke I ate on Thursday. I had to chase him for half a mile before I caught him. He almost got away.”

“But that simply is not enough, Mr. Zogg, a well-balanced diet is what you need. Plenty of vegetables.”

“Whoever heard of an ogre eating vegetables – now vegetarians maybe – how about if I promised only to eat vegans from now on?”

“Well, that might work, but you must promise a vegan-only diet.”

“Thank you, Doc. I knew you would come around.”


Stayed tuned for details of a twisted fairy tale anthology – Pick Your Poison – coming soon!


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