An Interview with Vornakai

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*This transcribed interview was conducted by author and Gladiatorial Combat League historian Ernie Salt, to be used in his book, “How the GCL Saved America from Itself,” now available on eReaders.


ERNIE SALT: He started out as the “strong and silent” half of a successful tag team in the Gladiatorial Combat League, and now he has become the most hated man in the entire promotion, as well as one of the most powerful men behind the scenes of the GCL Eastern Division. He has been booed by everyone in the country, and judging by the smile he just gave me, he wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you the man known simply as Vornakai.


VORNAKAI: It took you long enough to request an interview with me, Ernie.


ERNIE: Well, I’m sorry this didn’t happen earlier, but I’m sure you understand the protocol that Mr. Blackman set up. If this were just for the magazine and web page, I would only have access to Kyle Flyte, P.T. Cruz, etc.


VORNAKAI: Well, you wouldn’t necessarily have access to P.T. Cruz, would you?


ERNIE: Of… of course. I suppose we can start with that. Those who will read this book will likely remember that Togar interrupted his match against P.T. Cruz by striking him in the head with a crowbar several times, ending the match prematurely, putting his opponent into the hospital, and giving himself a three-month suspension. Since you are the leader of this stable, you have to take some responsibility for this action as well. Care to explain yourself?


VORNAKAI: Ernie, you understand the pressure I’m under as much as I do. As the head booker of the GCL Eastern Division, it’s not just my job to make sure the public is constantly entertained by what we present, it’s my civic duty. And part of that job is being able to tell when the attention span of the public has started to wane. We live in an age where we know what the people want and what they don’t want in the space of just a few minutes. What used to be the time needed to heat up a pizza is now the time that decides the fate of this entire promotion.


ERNIE: You still haven’t answered my question about the crowbar.


VORNAKAI: Yes, I have. You see, the people have had their share of two men getting into the ring and grappling with each other to decide who is the better man. They want to see the stakes raised. They want to see these men fighting for their lives. They want to see how far we’re willing to go for them, and they want to see how far these men are willing to go to achieve greatness. See, our Warriors have a responsibility to not just be entertaining, but to allow the audience to live vicariously through them. You understand what I mean?


ERNIE: So the crowbar is your way of saying the stakes are about to raise?


VORNAKAI: I’m saying the crowbar is my way of saying the stakes are already raised. It’s time for a new chapter in the history of the Gladiatorial Combat League. And I’m the one that’s going to write it.


ERNIE: If you’re writing it, then what is your idea of a happy ending?


VORNAKAI: What every GCL Warrior considers their happy ending. Standing in the middle of the ring and lifting the World Championship over their head for all the nation to see.


ERNIE: But if you do accomplish that dream…


VORNAKAI: If? If, Ernie?


ERNIE: (clearing his throat) I’m sorry, Vornakai. When you accomplish that, won’t that just put the bull’s eye on you?


VORNAKAI: I had no problem holding the GCL Tag Team Championship. Having the World Championship just means I won’t have to defend a title AND cover for an inferior partner.


ERNIE: Oh, yes. The time when you were known as Vivacious Vic–


VORNAKAI: THAT MAN IS NO MORE! (standing up) And this interview is over!


ERNIE: Wait, just one more question! Based on the GCL power structure, no one man can hold the World Championship and the position of Head Booker. So when the time comes for you to be the champion, it would likely be Kyle Flyte who would be the new Head Booker. What are your thoughts about that, the man whom you’ve been giving so much grief for years being given the power to do the same to you?


VORNAKAI: Kyle’s nowhere near as creative as me. Trust me when I say this. Compared to what I have in store for him in the near future, it’s going to make the crowbar incident seem like your everyday average fun and games.


ERNIE: Well, it’s all fun and games until someone gets nearly beaten to death.


VORNAKAI: Then it’s a LOT of fun and games.


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