P.A.W.S. Giveaway

Announcing P.A.W.S.  Giveaway

Have you entered my Giveaway yet? There are some super cool prizes and many ways to enter.



First, who would like their own shapeshifter charm very like that passed on to Miri Katz by her Omama in the beginning of P.A.W.S. I can’t guarantee it will change you into a cat though – you have to have magic for that!


Or how about a couple of signed P.A.W.S. bookmarks?

And finally, and I’m really excited about this one, YA author Chasity Nicole is kindly donating an ebook of her fantasy Wickedly Misunderstood.


So enter the giveaway today. What are you waiting for?
a Rafflecopter giveaway



One thought on “P.A.W.S. Giveaway

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