Book Review: The Worms of Heaven by Misha Burnett

Review of Misha Burnett’s soon to be released book “The Worms of Heaven”. (And a recap of the other books in the book of lost doors series for those who have not yet read these wonderful books!)

S.K. Nicholls

A while back, March 15, 2014, to be precise, I posted book reviews for Misha Burnett’s first two books in the “Book of Lost Doors” series, Book One: “Catskinner’s Book” and Book Two: “Cannibal Hearts”. You can read those here if you like:

I recently had the honor of reading an ARC of Book Three, “The Worms of Heaven”. This is more a series review than a book review. I don’t usually post the book descriptions with my reviews because you can read those on Amazon, but I will for this book review to give you an idea of where this book: “The Worms of Heaven” is coming from. This review is a lot longer than my typical review. You will see a much shorter version on Amazon:

Book description: “Catskinner’s Book”:

Catskinner’s Book is a science fiction/urban fantasy novel set in a surreal world unlike any that you…

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RHP—New Division, New Imprints!

Something new from RHP!

Robin Writes

Some of you may have heard, via social media, that RHP is expanding. Yay, us! We just brought out two new imprints, and added staff!

First, we will now be listing all of our literary fiction under the imprint Equidae. Oh, it’s still Rocking Horse Publishing, never fear, but we’re at the point now where we can specialize a bit. The release of The Fires of Waterland gives us two lit-fic titles, as Danny’s Grace will be moved to Equidae as well.

What the heck does that even mean? Glad you asked. “Equidae” is the Latin term, as in taxonomy, for “a family of perissodactyl ungulate mammals including the horses, asses, zebras, and various extinct related mammals,” as per Webster’s.

Second, since we have had such success with Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories, we’ve opened up a new division/imprint for anthologies.

Our intent is to publish…

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Meet Joey Marks!

I was tagged in the Character Blog Hop by Margo Dill

So without further ado here is everyone’s favorite animagus kangaroo – Joey Marks.


Welcome Joey and thank you for taking time out to talk to us.

G’day mates. I’m really happy to be here today *jumping up and down*.

We can see that Joey. Please take a seat? So tell us, how do you like St. Louis P.A.W.S.?

It’s great! Everyone’s really welcoming and the classes are super cool. And I love the dining room and all the scrumptious foods Hugo makes (even if he does eat half of it himself). I’ve made some new mates too – there’s Josh and Miri of course, but my best mate’s Sean. He can change into a horse, you know, and he’s been giving me riding lessons. I’m not very good yet, but I’m getting better – I only fell off 4 times last week.

So tell us about your home in Australia.

I’d been attending classes at the P.A.W.S. Institute of Australia in Alice Springs ever since I was 5 years old. My sister Millie also goes there, but she’s not the best of students as she has a tendency to fall asleep in classes – I think that’s why she chose a koala as an animagus. They get to sleep a lot!

Why did you choose to become a kangaroo?

Well, kangaroo’s have a lot of energy and are always on the go. In Oz it’s a good disguise. In St. Louis, not so much, but I’m fast and normal (non-magical) folk, tend to ignore stuff that doesn’t make sense, so I can pretty much hop around Forest Park and no one much cares.

I hear you like to do magic tricks?

Oh yes, I’ve learned a lot from watching the Great Bobbert – and also learned some real magic from his weasel, Popgoes. Bobbert doesn’t know that he’s weasel’s magic of course, just thinks he’s a pesky pet that keeps running away, but he’s got a thing going with an otter in the zoo. He goes and visits her when the children’s zoo is closed.  I like the zoo too, my mate Ian, the chimp animagus, lives there. He’s been teaching me monkey jokes – you should go interview him some time.

Maybe we will. But back to you. Tell us a little bit about how you ended up in St. Louis P.A.W.S.?

Well, it was two years back, my teacher, Wemberly the wombat, at Alice Springs recommended that I enter this contest – I had to do all different kinds of magic both in my human form and my roo form – it was tough. A lot of magicians older than me entered, but somehow I got through all the rounds and ended up winning and the prize was a scholarship to the P.A.W.S. Institute of the Midwest. So here I am.

And we’re very happy to have you! So what’s next, do you know what you want to do when you graduate from P.A.W.S.

Oh, I have so many ideas *jumping up and down* – first I want to travel – all over the states, and then to Europe, and then to Africa. I want to visit every single P.A.W.S. institute. I’ve heard that the head of the African Institute outside Nairobi can change himself into an elephant. That would be amazing to watch.

That certainly does seem amazing. Thank you for talking to us today, Joey!

No worries mate, any time.

Up next – author of Excelsior and From Parts Unknown, George Sirois.

And author of the Book of Doors series, Misha Burnett.


Character Interview Survey!

OK, folks survey time! I’ve been tagged in the character interview blog hop (thanks Margo). So who in P.A.W.S. would you like me to interview?

Here are the choices:

1. Joey Marks – the animagus kangaroo from Australia.


2. Ian – animagus chimp and resident comedian from St. Louis zoo.


3. Hugo Hogsworth – shapeshifter pig and cook at St. Louis P.A.W.S.


4. Beatrice Bumsqueak – animagus toad and healer at St. Louis P.A.W.S.


Now you choose!

Author Spotlight – Debbie Manber Kupfer

I’m the spotlight on Stephen Jacobi’s blog.

Feed the Monkey!

Welcome to my first Author Spotlight!

Today I am excited to be chatting it up with Debbie Manber Kupfer. Debbie is a self-published author from the United Kingdom and has published her first novel P.A.W.S. in June of 2013. Currently, she is working on the sequel for it but also has three short story anthologies under her belt as well. As a fellow writer myself, I could not wait to ask her questions and learn more about her.

 At what point in your life did you say to yourself “I’m going to write a book?”

Well, I’ve been saying that for most of my life! I even wrote a few “books” while I was in junior school! But I only started taking myself seriously as a writer in October of 2012. That’s when the idea for P.A.W.S. came to me. I clearly saw a young girl being given a silver…

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P.A.W.S. Giveaway

Announcing P.A.W.S.  Giveaway

Have you entered my Giveaway yet? There are some super cool prizes and many ways to enter.



First, who would like their own shapeshifter charm very like that passed on to Miri Katz by her Omama in the beginning of P.A.W.S. I can’t guarantee it will change you into a cat though – you have to have magic for that!


Or how about a couple of signed P.A.W.S. bookmarks?

And finally, and I’m really excited about this one, YA author Chasity Nicole is kindly donating an ebook of her fantasy Wickedly Misunderstood.


So enter the giveaway today. What are you waiting for?
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