Yes, I am on Kindle Unlimited. Yes, I think it’s a good deal for authors.

All of Rocking Horse’s titles including P.A.W.S. are part of the new Kindle Unlimited program. I (like Misha) believe that is a good thing.


Amazon has just launched a new program that they call Kindle Unlimited.

The short form is that subscribers pay $9.99 a month and are able to borrow any of the books (e-book and audiobook) that are in the Kindle Unlimited library.

Because the program involves readers getting books for a subscription price rather than full price, and because it is a program from Amazon, there is the predictable outcry from indie authors that this is it, Amazon is going to eat us all and spit out our bones.  People out there will be reading our books for free!  The sky is falling!

I disagree.

Now, as it happens, my books are on KDP, which means that they are automatically included in the Kindle Unlimited library.  (I just checked, and yes, the little KU icon is next to the book description on both Catskinner’s Book and Cannibal Hearts.)

If they…

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