Saint Louis Authors Showcase

Anyone who has read P.A.W.S. will know that a good chunk of it takes place in St. Louis – around Forest Park to be precise. St. Louis is a great place to be a writer. We have lots of libraries and indie bookstores that are very author friendly. Here are a few of the locals . . .


“Books Are For People Who Wish They Were Somewhere Else” – Mark Twain

I love my town.  St. Louis is an odd place.  It’s not really a city, not in the way that say, Chicago or Los Angeles is a city. Historically, what happened is that a whole bunch of different people all decided that just west of the Mississippi river was a good place to settle down and start a town, and so a whole bunch of small towns got started in the same general area, and as they grew they kind of grew together, but they never really merged to make a city, they stayed a bunch of small towns.

Part of it is that when Saint Louis County was formed, Saint Louis City elected not to be part of the county.  This put a limit on the growth of the city proper and the little municipalities that…

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