Writer Wednesday—Finding the Right Time

Write what ever way works for you!

Robin Writes

I have a confession: I have one really, really bad habit. (Okay, I have several, shut up, that’s not the point.) My really, really bad habit is that I like to write straight through the WIP, start to finish.

Oh, I stop to eat, sort of, and to sleep. That’s a necessity. And, well, a few other necessities too! But for the most part, I don’t want to start a project unless I can ALSO finish it.

Let me try to explain. I look at my calendar and my to-do list and realize that there is NO TIME to write a book, not if I’m going to use this method. This is why, boys and girls, I wrote the second and third books in the REDUCED series in a matter of weeks. I knew the beginnings and the ends, and I just had to fill in the middle. Sometimes, yes…

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(Flash Fiction) “The Butterfly”

And here’s my second story for the flash fiction contest – a sweet romantic fantasy. I hope it makes your Sunday a little pleasanter. If you enjoy it, please rate it over at the Dragon Plume site and share it with you friends.

Writer Block

The Butterfly
by Debbie Manber Kupfer
Simon concentrated on the words. They had to be just right, perfect. The ink flowed from his pen as it floated a few inches above the magenta vellum. There that’s it, and now to fold, to create. Silently he mouthed the spell and the butterfly began to take form. He had watched a Japanese master once form an intricate butterfly out of a single sheet of paper. He closed his eyes and dredged through his memories, remembering the lines. He smiled as he opened his eyes and the butterfly sat in front him, its wings quivering, awaiting his next instruction.
Jennifer sat by herself in the corner of the cafeteria. Tonight was prom and still no invitation. She was crazy to believe that Simon was interested in her – especially as her magic was so commonplace. He could have his pick of any witch…

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(Flash Fiction) “Esmeralda Grunch and the Red Tulip”

This is my entry into the Writer Block Flash Fiction contest – please read, like, rate, comment and share from the Writer Block blog. Thanks!

Writer Block

Esmeralda Grunch and the Red Tulip
by Debbie Manber Kupfer
Esmeralda Grunch opened her eyes and stretched. She reached up and tugged apart the crimson petals above her head and gazed out at the sunrise.
“Ouch,” screeched the Tulip, “what did you have to do that for? I’ll open up in a little if you just wait for the sun to come out.”
But Esmerelda couldn’t wait. She pushed her way up through the deep red petals and out into the cool morning air. She breathed deeply and let the first rays of the sun touch her tiny gossamer wings. She flew down to the pond, where she gazed at her reflection, satisfied. She was a very fetching flower sprite even if she said so herself, with deep red hair that matched her tulip and a scarlet dress that sparkled in the early morning rays.
The Tulip rearranged its petals…

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