Julie’s Caught Between Two Curses!


Julie Nigelson, from Caught Between Two Curses, is a 17-year-old high school senior with some serious problems. Her family is cursed and she seems to be the key to break the curse. And to make matters worse her boyfriend of 2 ½ years is breaking up with her; all because she’s not ready to have sex. The summer before her senior year is supposed to be filled with fun and carefree days, but instead it’s turning out to be the worst summer of her life.


So Julie, what is going on with you and Gus? Do you think you’ll work out your issues?

I hate to talk about this because every time I think about what Gus did, I either get REALLY mad or really sad. Basically, he says that we’ve been going out for so long and he loves me so much that he wants to have sex. I’m NOT READY. I’ve told him a million times, and then one night, we just had a big blow up over the whole thing. Now he’s not really talking to me, and I don’t know what to do. I guess we broke up, but I still love him.


What about this curse on your family I’ve heard about? What’s that all about?

You know what? Is there even such a thing as a curse? I mean, I know Uncle Henri is in a coma after eating a bratwurst at a Cubs game, and I know he’s talked about a curse for as long as I can remember, but still . . . And supposedly, there’s this curse on the Chicago Cubs and that’s why they don’t win. But Aunt Lizzie always says it’s just because they suck at baseball, which I don’t care about in any case. It’s so boring.


But your uncle is in a coma after eating a bratwurst? Don’t you think that’s a little strange?

Yes, it’s crazy. And my aunt says it’s because some woman put a curse on our family a long time ago because of my grandma. So, that’s why Uncle Henri is under the curse. But the worst thing is that my grandma is alive and living right here in Chicago, and my aunt never even told me—all because of this stupid curse.


WOW! Did you go see your grandma?

Yeah—my best friend Matt and I went, and that just made things worse. She said we are under a curse too, and that’s why my parents died when I was three. And then she said that Uncle Henri would die before he was 35 if I didn’t figure out how to break the curse. ME? Break a curse? My whole family is losing their minds.


What are you going to do?

I wish what I was going to do is invite Matt over and watch a Katharine Hepburn. She’s my mom’s favorite actress and mine, too. We’d have a movie marathon and stuff our faces with chips and pizza. But I guess instead I have to figure out how to help my family and if Gus and I broke up or not. They all drive me nuts, but I love them all, especially Gus.


If you want to read more about me, you can check out Caught Between Two Curses here on Margo’s blog or here on Amazon (where it’s part of the Kindle Lending Library) or here on Indiebound.


Thanks for stopping by Julie. Good luck!


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