Writer Wednesday—Finding the Right Time

Write what ever way works for you!

Robin Writes

I have a confession: I have one really, really bad habit. (Okay, I have several, shut up, that’s not the point.) My really, really bad habit is that I like to write straight through the WIP, start to finish.

Oh, I stop to eat, sort of, and to sleep. That’s a necessity. And, well, a few other necessities too! But for the most part, I don’t want to start a project unless I can ALSO finish it.

Let me try to explain. I look at my calendar and my to-do list and realize that there is NO TIME to write a book, not if I’m going to use this method. This is why, boys and girls, I wrote the second and third books in the REDUCED series in a matter of weeks. I knew the beginnings and the ends, and I just had to fill in the middle. Sometimes, yes…

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