Say Howdy to Stance Bingham

Stance Bingham

Today on Paws4Thought I am happy to welcome Shades of Fear author and radio presenter Stance Bingham. Tell us a little bit about yourself Stance.

I was born in the Mississippi Delta in Greenwood. My father is a retired highway patrolman. I played trombone in the Greenwood High School band and won every award that was available. I was also placed in the International High School Hall of Fame.

I was the Louisiana State Director for the International Tae Kwon Do Federation (3rd Degree) for a number of years as a much younger man. I was also a 1st degree in Tang Soo Do. All of my black belts come from J.C. Penny these days.

I had a twin brother, Stanley, who passed away in 2002. We had bands together through grade school until his passing. I was his bass player. He was a great guitarist. I started doing radio in high school and have continued in broadcasting till this day. I am currently on the air on the MS Gulf Coast.

How did you get involved with Shades of Fear?

One of the other Shades of Fear authors, Roxanna Mitchell, and I became friends over Facebook. She was writing a story about the Gulf Coast and wanted some info on the people and places here and got in touch with me. I told her of a story I had been writing for a number of years and she encouraged me finish it. Through her I met Dara and the rest is history. I am very thankful and amazed they wanted me to be a part of such a wonderful project.

Who are your favorite authors?

That’s a very hard question. I wasn’t into reading like a lot of my peers here. I read what was required by school or a lot of current event stuff for my job. I was more into the music scene than writing. This story just came to me and I wanted to put it down on paper. I wrote it like I would see it in a movie. I did read a very famous Mississippi author once and to be honest I didn’t enjoy his writing very much. I did enjoy William Faulkner as a young person.

Tell us a bit about your story Repeater Offender: A Fictional?

It’s about a man that, through a series of events in his life, goes to prison in the Mississippi Delta in the late 40’s and the things he experiences there. The story has evolved quite a bit since Shades of Fear. My Shades story was a series of early excerpts from the first draft. The final book is currently being edited by Dara Rochlin and should be ready for publication sometime in the next few weeks.

I am really happy with the turns and twist that developed during its writing. This is my first attempt at writing and I can see how people get hooked on it. It’s fun to see how things progress during the writing process. It also very amazing to see what comes out of one’s own imagination and through one’s own life experiences.

What kind of research did you do for your story?

All of my writing for this book came from a combination of my imagination and things I learned as a young man through my father. He was interim warden at Parchman (Mississippi State Penitentiary) a few times during his career and he told me many stories from that period.

Tell me a little more about your radio show.

I am the afternoon radio personality for K99 Country in Biloxi, MS. I am also the Music Director here and work with the record companies and their labels. I am on from 3 to 7pm. You can hear me at or on IHeart Radio.

 What are your own greatest fears and how do you deal with them?

My biggest fear is heights. I don’t like to get any higher than my deer stand. I force myself to hold it together when I have to fly. I only fly when it is essential.

What do you like to do to relax?

I love to fish the gulf and hunt. Deer hunting is my favorite, but I will hunt almost anything.

Who are your favorite bands and musical artists?

I love everything from Abba to Zappa. My favorites are Gino Vannelli, Steely Dan, Yes, Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, Keith Urban, Marc Broussard, Blackjack Billy, and a guy down here named Brandon Green who is one of the most incredible songwriters and vocalist I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I love to sit at home and play my bass along with all of their songs. I have written a few songs myself, mostly instrumental.

What are you currently working on?

I am developing a couple of other stories. Through my first story I have learned the importance of setting up a framework to write by. A timeline if you will… It’s all in progress, but more crime/action fiction.

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And check out Stance on the radio on K99 Country.

Pick up your copy of Shades of Fear from Amazon today. All proceeds go to pediatric cancer research and treatment.



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