Blogging From A to Z – Day 1 – Animal Anagrams!

Over on Paws4Puzzles I’m starting the Blogging from A to Z April challenge. Please join me and happy puzzling!

Paws 4 Puzzles


Hello puzzlers and bloggers and welcome to the first day of Puzzles from A to Z, 2014. During the month of April I will be blogging 26 puzzles one for each letter of the alphabet. Today on April 1st we begin with A for Anagrams and Animals and more precisely animals beginning with A. (Note: for the purpose of this puzzle animals include all living creatures.) So without further ado here is the first puzzle.


Animal Anagrams

Click on the picture or link to download the first puzzle. And hold on to your final answer – the seventh animal. At the end of the month there will be a contest which will use all 26 of the answers from the puzzles this month!

Also feel free to contact me with comments or questions about the puzzles.

Bonus silly riddle of the day!

Captain to sailor: What do you call the…

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