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Today on Paws4Thought I welcome suspense author Desiree Scott. Desiree recently released the charity anthology Shades of Fear in which I also have a story. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Desiree.

Well, I am a single parent to a six year old girl, the light of my life, and live waaaaaayyyyyyy out in the country, on 40 acres. I take care of my parents, work full time, attend college for creative writing and English, and write when I can. I love to go to the lake, swim, anything outdoors, and in the spring and summer, to sit outside on my deck as the sun crests the sky and watch the dawn erupt with colors as the story comes to life before me. In other words, to write in the early morning hours when everyone is asleep.

When did you first start writing?

I’ve been writing since I was sixteen (almost 15 years and yes, I think I just gave away my age! *laughs*). I would really like to take this time to talk about something that, over ten years later, I still think about and thank one special lady for the influence that she has had on my life. When I was eighteen years old, I wrote to ten VERY well-known authors, Julie Garwood and Nora Roberts, just to name a few. Now keep in mind, I wrote very long letters, asking for advice on writing and so forth. My letter was more gushing than anything else but still, ONE author wrote me back! By hand no less. Her name was Andrea Kane, a suspense writer who crafts the most amazing stories and plots. But because of that one small act of kindness, she not only has my respect as an author but as a wonderful person who took the time to let me know about a few organizations and to wish me luck in my goals and ambitions through life. It meant the world to an eighteen year old girl and still does, as I have gotten older and continued my dream. So when did I start writing? When I was sixteen. Why did I start writing? Because of the encouragement from friends, family, and strangers who believe in me and because of the voices that without me, would never come to life. Writing is a necessary aspect of life; it’s something that I HAVE to do, not something that will sit patiently while I try to FIND the time!

Who are your favorite authors?

I have multiple authors that I really look up to and some of them include Cynthia Eden, Karen Rose, Lisa Gardner, Nora Roberts, Lori Foster, Linda Howard, Laura Griffin, and Andrea Kane, just to name a few.

What inspires you to write?

I honestly can’t think of a time that I’m not writing. There is no definite inspiration or motivation beyond the need to write. The voices are loud, the plots extreme, and my sleep’s been interrupted on multiple occasions. I guess I would have to say that the inspiration lies within the need to entertain the readers.

How did you come up with the idea for Shades of Fear?

I love to write anything suspenseful, to give the readers a thrilling ride as they walk through the minds of evil, so to speak. I knew of a lot of great writers through our writing group, Write-On Nanos!! And figured, “hey, couldn’t hurt to ask or put the thought out there, right?” And wow, I was literally blown away by the reception of interest, the support, and the intense desire of everyone involved. The stories were great and so varied. When you think of fear, you don’t realize the different shades of fear that are out there, both emotionally and physically and I sincerely hope that Shades of Fear reflects that.

Your story in the anthology is Shadows. How did you come up with the idea?

When I write, my stories take over and short stories are extremely hard for me. Short stories turn into novels and when I started writing Shadows, it was supposed to be a short story! *sigh* It is now the prologue to Shadow’s Prey, as I have continued the plot line and characters. I don’t really know how I come up with the ideas in general; it’s like a light blurb. For me, it’s easy to come up with the plots. It’s continuing and drawing a satisfying conclusion that is a lot harder.

I hear you are planning to continue the story in a novel. When would we expect to see this?

I have actually set myself a deadline for this month and will hopefully have the first draft completed by March 25th. I will then be editing in April myself before I hand it over to my wonderful editor, Dara Rochlin. So I would say by the end of May if everything goes according to plan!! J

What have you learnt most from putting together this anthology?

Honestly, I have really learned the complications of formatting and publishing a polished and completely formatted kindle novel. Everyone was so easy to work with and Dara Rochlin and Tom Deady were absolute GEMS to work with!

Tell us a little bit about the charity the proceeds are going to?

We aren’t allowed to mention the name of the charity due to legality issues on THEIR side but will say that “all proceeds from Shades of Fear go to benefit pediatric cancer research and patient care.”

What are your greatest fears and how do you deal with them?

I think one of my greatest fears lies with the fear that I will wake up one day and not be able to write a single interesting and thrilling sentence! How I deal? By writing every day or as often as possible.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on two projects at the moment: Shadow’s Prey and Saving Sarah, another romantic suspense that should be done around June of 2014 so I’m pretty excited about it as well.

Connect with Desiree on her Facebook page or Website

Shades of Fear is available on Amazon.



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    Introducing Desiree Scott, a great suspense writer. She is interviewed by Debbie Manber-Kupfer, another great writer. I know both of these wonderful ladies. Come along and see what they have in store for you. I’m honored to be a part of the Shades of Fear tour- the charity anthology I edited. Desiree wrote a story called “Shadows” and Debbie wrote a story called “The BIg C”. Face your fears. Check out ours.

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