Homework – a rant!


OK, today I’m going to rant, because well I’m a blogger I’m allowed to rant! What I’m going to rant about is homework – more specifically the homework that is not really for the kids it’s rather for the parents.

It all began in preschool, when a week or two after my three year old started preschool a letter came home. I don’t remember the exact words anymore that was many years ago, but it went somewhere on the lines of please prepare a timeline of your child’s life – include photographs, birth announcements, your child’s likes/dislikes, firsts, etc. etc, etc.

The following year there was another of these and then another in Kindergarten plus now they added a 100 days of school project for you to work on with your child. They’ve been cooperative math games, a huge project about Missouri, and on and on and on. And now in fifth grade the ultimate parent/student project – the science fair project. And I hate them every single one. And so do my kids.

And get this. When I was a  kid, I don’t remember my parents EVER having to do any of this. Actually I’m pretty sure I didn’t really have regular homework in Elementary School. And the teachers certainly NEVER gave homework to the parents. NEVER!

OK, end of rant. Enjoy your day!


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