An Interview with Debbie the Ferret by Joey Kupfer


Today on Paws4Thought I’d like to welcome a guest interviewer, Joey Kupfer.

Joey recently had the privilege to talk with a very elusive celebrity Debbie the Ferret. Debbie took a break from her tough sleep schedule in order to answer a few of Joey’s questions.

JOEY:  We know you’re really good on the computer (so am I), what other household devices or machines would you like to try or have your tried?

DEBBIE:  As you know Joey, ferrets are very small, so I’m limited in the kind of household devices I can use. I can handle the TV remote and the remote for the CD player, but that’s about it.

JOEY: Who’s your favorite, Charlie (the cat) or Andrew (the human)?

DEBBIE: I love them both, for different reasons. Charlie is my mate, I can talk to him, play with him and occasionally curl up with him. I love Andrew for different reasons. He feeds me, gives me tasty treats, and makes sure my water bowl is always clean and full. He plays with me, keeps me clean and generally sees to it that I’m safe.

JOEY: My favorite subject is Math. Do you know any math or would you like to learn? (I could teach you!)

DEBBIE: Ferrets have no need for Math, Joey. Good for you that you’re so good at the school subject, but as for teaching me … I think I’ll pass.

JOEY: What’s your favorite food?

DEBBIE: That is a trick question. My favorite food is cookies, but if I were to eat cookies every day and nothing else, I would die. Ferrets need special ferret food, because it gives us the nutrients we need. If you read up on food for ferrets, it will say that sugary snacks are bad for ferrets, but hey, I still enjoy a cookie now and then.

JOEY: Is there a boy ferret in your life?

DEBBIE: Not a real one no, but there’s this fine looking ferret online who has become my friend.

JOEY: What’s your absolute favorite thing to do?

DEBBIE: Sleep, I love to sleep. We ferrets sleep on average 18 hours a day, so it’s safe to say that it’s our favorite thing to do and we’re really good at it. (Yawn . . . I think it’s nearly my bedtime.)

JOEY: Would you ever leave your human? Where would you like to travel?

DEBBIE: No, I would never leave Andrew and dreaming of traveling would be an unrealistic expectation. Small and fragile as I am, being out in the world would expose me to a number of dangers. I could be stepped on by humans or eaten by predators. So traveling is out of the question for me. That doesn’t stop me from visiting exotic places online though. At the click of a button, I can visit anywhere in the world. It’s easy, super-fast and doesn’t cost anything. It’s the same for humans I suppose, even though they can travel, they can’t pack up and go to many exotic places either.

JOEY: You sleep a lot – what do you dream about?

DEBBIE: Everything humans dream about. Next time you see a ferret sleeping, watch his paws … if they’re moving, that means he’s running; if he’s moving his lips, he’s eating. Just like people, ferrets can have good dreams and bad dreams.

JOEY: If you were a superhero what would your power be?

DEBBIE: I think I would want to be like Superman. Superb vision, superb hearing, being able to fly and even reverse time … yeah, that would be cool.

JOEY: Are you still writing your blog? Can I read it?

DEBBIE: I still have a blog, but it’s very secret. I also write articles for websites and magazines, but they are secret too. Imagine if humans were to find out that a ferret writes a blog, the press would be all over me and I wouldn’t have a moment of peace anymore. No, I prefer to keep things the way they are. I can write to my heart’s content and still get all the sleep that I need. Just remember though, the next time you see an article about ferrets … I could have written that.

JOEY: Thank you so much for answering my questions, Debbie. Enjoy your nap.

DEBBIE: I will . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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4 thoughts on “An Interview with Debbie the Ferret by Joey Kupfer

  1. How fun! I really enjoyed this.. fantastic questions, Joey! I love the ‘superhero’ question! I can totally picture “a super-cape wearing ferret”!

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