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Today on Paws4Thought I welcome fellow Rocking Horse author Dawn Hawkins. Dawn’s debut novel “Danny’s Grace” is being released this month by Rocking Horse Publishing and is available now to preorder.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Dawn.

I am from a small town in Maryland and have always been an avid reader. I work from home as a freelance writer, but, fiction writing is my true passion.

When did you first start writing?

There were failed attempts at writing poetry when I was a teenager. I am not sure if that counts. I started freelance writing about eight years ago, and started the novel approximately three years ago.

Who are your favorite authors?

There are so many great authors, but, my favorites include Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and John Jakes. There is also my guilty pleasure. I spent an entire summer reading nothing but Jackie Collins books, and trouble befell those who dared to interrupt me.

What inspires you to write?  

As far as novel writing goes, the greatest inspirations are the things around me. There are so many issues out in the world today that need to be brought front and center. Child abuse, drug addiction and alcoholism are just a few of them. These things have all been an inspiration because nearly everyone has been affected by at least one of these things, either directly or indirectly, in their lives.

Tell us a little bit about Danny’s Grace.

Danny Rush’s life may have started out on the rough side of town, but, he never used that as an excuse to stay down. He rose to the top at an early age and became one of the most recognized faces in the American landscape. Those types of careers often come to a screeching halt far too early, but, nothing keeps Danny’s spirits down. He finally finds peace within himself and transitions into a quiet beachside home life. He feels safer than he’s ever felt in his life until Grace comes along. Her nosey questions could lead to a disastrous end for Danny and for someone that he loves very much. How much will Danny reveal to Grace? Will he survive one more fall? Will Grace save him or will her accidental discovery be the thing that destroys him forever?

What are you currently working on?

I have started two new novels, but, they are both in the very beginning stages. The first one is a sequel to Danny’s Grace and will be very different from the original book. The second project will take a slightly different turn and the main character will not be quite as flawed as Danny was.

What do you like to do to relax?

Spare time, though there is little, is usually spent with my grandchildren. Other than that, I write and that tends to relax me. There is nothing else in the world as important as those two things. You may also find me searching through the internet to find mysterious abandoned buildings, unsolved crimes or crimes that make no sense and make up “what if” scenarios. There could be a novel waiting in one of those real life stories.

Connect with Dawn

 Twitter @DDH63.


Or on her blog:

Copies of Danny Grace are available for preorder  from Rocking Horse Publishing and autographed copies are available directly from Dawn’s blog.

What the reviewers are saying about Danny’s Grace:

Danny’s Grace is a well-crafted, powerful work of fiction that will not be easily put down or quickly forgotten. A complex narrative of revelations spanning the early life and stark, bruising realities of one-time entertainer Danny Rush is carefully extracted from the darkness of the past by author Dawn Hawkins.

Read the full review here.


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